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Tree Planting

For inspiration...
Here is an article by Belden C. Lane reflecting on our relationship with trees in the Communion of Saints. It was in a July 2019 issue of "The Christian Century."

A tree planting service might be used at the planting of a tree in memory of the death of a loved one or member of your community. It might be used to commemorate a significant beginning or ending or an event brought to life in your congregation. Many people have planted trees to celebrate an anniversary, a birth or a significant change. A tree blessing could be used when a tree is planted for no other purpose than to bring life and beauty to the earth.


Order of Service for a Tree Planting


Opening Song: God Sculptor of the Mountains (Renewing Worship Songbook R255) or another appropriate song



God of heaven and earth, the work of your hands in made known in your bountiful creation and in the lives of those who faithfully live their lives in your grace. Today we especially remember the life and work of our brother/sister ________, trusting your promise of everlasting life and love. Be present with us this day as we mark their life and remember them and their life in you through the planting of this tree. May this tree speak the power of your life in our midst, deeply rooted and ever growing in all creation, through Jesus Christ. Amen.


Scripture Passage: Psalm 1, Isaiah 55, John 15:105


Words about the deceased person, or the event or purpose for planting the tree


Blessing of the Tree

Creator of life and Sustainer of seed and soil, of tree and flower, you have created this world and all that lives in it. It is to You that we come in this prayer of dedication and blessing , for you are the giver of life and the sustainer of all that lives. We come to you to dedicate this tree in memory of ___________ whom you continue to hold in your generous grace. We give you thanks for their life and come to you in our tears and sorrow. May this tree remind us of this one whom we love and who is held forever in your never-ending love. May this tree dig deep roots and grow wide branches to bear witness to your abundant love and grace made known in our brother/sister ____________. We ask for you blessing upon this tree and upon us who mourn, that life might dwell and bear witness to the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we pray. Amen.


Closing Benediction


Closing Song: We Shall Not be Moved