Advent Themes, Year B

  • week 1:  Notice how much natural
    imagery is used both by Jesus and Isaiah (sun, moon, stars, dawn and night, unfurling leaves, mountains, brush burning). These aren't only terrifying apocalyptic images, but signs for us.  "From the fig tree, learn its lesson!"

  • week 2:  Isaiah and Mark both dwell in the wilderness.  The mountains and deserts and fading grasses again teach us to expect God.  The waters of John the Baptist refresh life.  Even the locusts and wild honey remind us of the sustenance--the wilderness may get us away from hectic society, but God is ever-present in blessing!  Psalm 85 is its own treasure trove; for inspiration, enjoy John August Swason's visual representation.

  • week 3:  Isaiah 61 not only echoes a prayer of blessing that many use in baptisms or confirmations, but also connects easily to the greenery of seasonal decor -- garlands as celebrative decoration are mentioned twice.  

  • week 4:  Remember pregnancy and birth as God's creation in us and with us.  God invites us to be "creative co-creators."  Immanuel, "God with us," is a presence in the midst of our human community and also the whole of our world.