When is the Season of Creation Celebrated?

The Season of Creation is a relatively new season of the church year, a season that is also known in the church bodies of some countries as “Creation Time.” As an optional season, the Season of Creation can be celebrated at different points in the church year.
  • Most commonly, the Season of Creation has been celebrated between Creation Day on September 1 and St Francis of Assisi Day on October 4. In this scenario, the four Sundays in September are the core Sundays of the Season of Creation.
  • The Season of Creation have been celebrated appropriately as four sequential Sundays in the Easter Season or at other times in the Pentecost Season.
  • Some congregations have spread the celebration of the four Sundays throughout the church year.
  • Number of Sundays: Some congregations have so loved this celebration that they have added one or two more Sundays to the season and chosen the focus and the scripture lessons for each additional week. Other congregations have limited their celebrate to three or even two of the Sundays prescribed.
  • Order of Sundays: There is no magic to the order of the Sundays. Some congregations have changed the order in a given year so that a certain Sunday can correlate with an event in the life of the congregations. For example, land Sunday might be moved to correspond with a harvest festival for the community garden.
  • Sharing pulpits: congregations celebrating the Season of Creation in the same city or geographical area may wish to rotate pastoral leadership. In this case, the order of the services for each week would change from place to place so that one pastor could celebrate the same Sunday in successive weeks in different congregations, as the pastors rotate from congregation to congregation.
We urge you to find the best scenario for your congregation to celebrate the Season of Creation, keeping in mind that the most effective possibility for transformation will occur in celebrating it four Sundays in a row.