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Season of Creation

An opportunity for congregations who so choose to take time in the church year to focus their celebration on God the creator, Christ as the redeemer of creation, and the Spirit as sustainer of creation—to worship God along with all creation, and to express gratitude, love, and a commitment to care for all living things on earth.


How did it start? 
In the Episcopal Church in the United States, the Season of Creation was inaugurated in the mid-nineties at the Church of the Redeemer in Morristown, New Jersey. The season has been widely adapted and celebrated among Episcopal congregations. In 2005, the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota called for its congregations to observe a Creation Season for four to eight weeks during Pentecost.
In 2006, David Rhoads began to adapt and promote the Australian Season of Creation for use in the United States through the Green Congregation Program and the Web of Creation website. Since that time, congregations of various denominations in the United States have incorporated the Season of Creation in creative ways with new hymns, anthems and liturgies. 
Resources for celebrating the Season of Creation:

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