The Season of Lent in Year B

Praying with Creation: the Season of Lent

Ash Wednesday through the Sunday of the Passion

Year B


by Don Luther


Ash Wednesday

Joel 2:12-19; 2Cor. 5:20b-6:2; Mt. 6:1-6, 16-21
Lord of the living and the dead, great is your mercy. You lead us, and all your creatures, through death to life, the way of your Son. You have set us within this web of life wearing the ashesof our mortality. In the time we have, let us walk lightly, caringly and courageously in your creation.


First Sunday in Lent

Gen. 9:8-17; Ps. 25:1-9; 1 Pt. 3:18-22; Mk. 1:9-15
Sovereign of the universe, your first covenant of mercy was with every living creature. When your beloved Son came among us, the waters of the river welcomed him, the heavens opened to greet his arrival, the beasts of the wilderness drew near as his companions. Washed into new life through baptism, lead us and all people in the way of your new creation, the way of mercy, justice and peace.


Second Sunday in Lent

Gen. 17:1-7, 15-16; Ps. 22:22-30; Rom. 4:13-25; Mk. 8:31-38
Creator of the stars of night, through our ancient forebears, Abraham and Sarah, you covenanted to draw all people into your life. Before such grace, the hosts of heaven adore you; sun and moon rejoice in your presence; all creatures sing your praises. May we, and all the followers of your Christ, take up our crosses to your glory.


Third Sunday in Lent

Ex. 20:1-17; Ps. 19; 1Cor. 1:18-25; Jn. 2:13-22
The heavens declare your glory, O God. And like a champion, the sun daily runs its course with joy. According to your will, the vernal equinox is at hand as the light of day begins to exceed the darkness. Grant your grace to farmers and gardeners who, in these lengthening days, plant the fields in hope of harvest that all your children may eat in joy.


Fourth Sunday in Lent

Num. 21:4-9; Ps. 107:1-3, 17-22; Eph. 2:1-10; Jn. 3:14-21
Spirit of Christ, you breathe life in abundance in desert places where we often see only barrenness and waste lands. As you were lifted up for the life of the world, lift us up as caretakers of those places where life is hidden, vulnerable and precious in your eyes.


Fifth Sunday in Lent

Jer. 31:31-34; Ps. 51:1-13; Heb. 5:5-10; Jn. 12:20-33
God of Noah, Abraham and Israel, God of the covenants, in Christ you brought to fulfillment your promises to redeem all peoples, all creation. As your Son was lifted up from the earth, draw us and all people into his life, that we may bless the earth which you have cherished from the beginning.


The Sunday of the Passion

Is. 50:4-9a; Phil. 2:5-11; Mk. 11:1-11
Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ, who in your self-emptying love gathered up and reconciled all creation, to the Father. Innumerable galaxies of the heavens worship you. Creatures that grace the earth rejoice in you. All those in the deepest seas bow to you in adoration. As we bow with them, open our eyes to see the earth under our feet, our home, for which you emptied yourself in reconciling love.