Planning Worship from June through August

Worship Planning from June through August
Season of Pentecost: We reflect on the spiritual wisdom we need and the actions we can take—as individuals, as congregations, and as a society—to live in a world where human and non-human creation can thrive together in the full flourishing that only the Spirit can give.  The time after Pentecost is the season of growth, growth in our Christian lives and growth in the natural world. 

In warmer weather in the northern hemisphere, we have an easier opportunity to connect our worship services with our creation-care focus by getting outdoors amid nature to worship!

Here are several resources to guide and prompt you for the season:
Maybe it's at a lakeside or surrounded by the hymns of birds on your own church lawn. Perhaps you gather at a Bible camp or worship at a park campground.  We have some suggestions on our worship outdoors page. 

If you can't always get outside, think of ways to bring the growth inside. 
Much is to be made of green vestments and paraments, which can reflect the abundance of creation.  Consider changing and adding as the season progresses, from small seedlings to lavish fruits on toward the season of harvest and dormancy. Have plants that grow and develop. 

You can also visit the Sanctuary tab to think about good ways to bring the outside into your regular worship environment.

To inspire and stimulate creativity for the season, here is a section on baptismal fonts and growth from Ben Stewart's book, A Watered Garden: Christian Worship and Earth's Ecology (pages 27-29):

"Every living thing on earth depends fundamentally on water.  In dry regions, the emergence of fresh water as a spring or a stream on the landscape typically creates an area that flourishes with life and biological diversity, perhaps being transformed more dramatically than the surrounding areas as the seasons turn from winter to spring, and from summer to fall.  Such places make clear:  from water bursts forth abundant life.   Some congregations celebrate and call attention to the life-giving ecological character of water by dressing their baptismal places as oases within their worship spaces.  Potted plants and flowers may be arranged beautifully around the font, perhaps even including smaller trees, suggesting that the font is an oasis of life, given the way that baptism gives new life to Christians and how water gives life to all living things. ... In the flowing water at our fonts, we may be reminded of water's flow over the landscape that brings life to the earth and, by its flowing nature, is always being refreshed, always new."

What are your outdoor worship plans this summer? We'd love to post them here.
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