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Worship Outdoors

Summer Outdoor Worship or Anytime

The opportunity to worship outside provides a space for congregation members to encounter nature, to realize that the holy is experienced outside of the sacred space of the sanctuary, and to connect worship with creation care.

Warmer weather creates easier opportunities to connect our worship services with our creation-care focus by getting outdoors amid nature to worship! Nevertheless, anytime can be an opportunity to immerse out worship in nature.

NEW Holy Hikes

This idea arose from the Episcopal Church and has been spreading, as a way to celebrate a church service in the context of a hike with stations along the way.  Here is the main website, and here is an article in Living Lutheran describing Holy Hikes.

Click here for an ELCA Blog post about the service Christ the King of Great Falls, Virginia held in a local park.

Dakota Road Earthkeeping Liturgy 

Commissioned in honor of Luther College's sesquicentennial. The Liturgy for Earthkeeping is a resource for congregations and ministries that worship in outdoor settings to help strengthen connections between sustainability, liturgy, spiritual formation and joyful stewardship. Click for ordering/listening info.

Click here for a bulletin for Worship in the Park from Immanuel Lutheran in Amboy, IL.

This is an image of an Easter service at Hope at the Beach, Seal Beach pier in Long Beach, CA. We  have an outdoor worship, every Sunday, rain or shine. (If it's raining, we're in our cars in a circle like a wagon train. Chuck Carlson preaches from the middle.) More information and photos can be found at  --Lin Carlson

Ideas for Outdoor Worship

·         Begin worship with a procession around the church building

·         Have an entire service in a open space on your church campus.

·         Go to a nearby park or to a body of water for a worship service.

·         Consider doing a prayer- walk through a nearby arboretum or nature sanctuary.

·         Maybe it's at a lakeside or surrounded by the hymns of birds on your church lawn.

·         Perhaps you gather at a Bible camp or worship at a park campground.

You can also visit the Sanctuary tab to think about good ways to bring the outside into your regular worship environment.

In case you doubted that outdoor worship can happen at any time, check out this image from Montana:

What are your outdoor worship plans? We'd love to post them on our site.
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