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Green the Sanctuary

Appoint the church with trees, leafy plants, and flowering plants throughout the year. Many trees and plants will thrive in various light levels from bright to near darkness.
Be sure to include floor plants, plants on stands, sill plants, and hanging plants so that plants meet the eye at all levels.
Where there are wall to ceiling windows and the climate permits, plant the same trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants inside as there are outside, so that the artificial separation from creation is overcome.
Avoid artificial plants.

On special seasons, use poinsettias (Christmas), lilies (Easter), but also other plants on other seasons in order to keep these symbols of life before the congregation.


*Have a special "Bless the Plants" Day similar to a "Blessing of the Animals" when the plants in the sanctuary can be blessed and people can bring a plant from home to place in the sanctuary as decoration for the day.