Retreat Schedule

NE MN Synod Retreat on Creation Care Worship

Season of Creation Retreat: February 22 and 23 at Camp Hiawatha

Northeast Minnesota Synod


Friday, Feb 22, 2013

4pm                  registration

5pm                  welcome/introductions

5:30pm             supper             

Evening            opening worship - TBA

                        Season of Creation overview – Krehl

                        Team building - Joel

                        First Sunday in the Season of Creation: Lakes Sunday – Dave & Rosie


Saturday, Feb 23, 2013

8:00am             Breakfast

Morning            Sundays in the Season of Creation – Dennis (as general resource person)?

                        Second Sunday: Fauna Sunday – Tom, Vicki (& Anders?)

                        Third Sunday: Storm Sunday – Kristin, Mark

                        Fourth Sunday: Cosmos Sunday – Krehl (& Steve?)


Afternoon         Relationships and resources

·         Lutherans Restoring Creation – Mark

·         Additional Resources – All

                        Congregational Planning – Kristin

                        Sending worship - TBA

3:00pm             Depart



Walk through each of the four or five Sundays of the Season of Creation for the year of Luke.

Consider approaching each Sunday in multiple ways, starting with mini-presentations from the team and then providing one or two small group/team reflection times for each session.  It might look like this


Do the Season of Creation overview on Friday evening before or after team building.

Do 3 or possibly 4 seasons on Saturday morning, 45 minutes each.


Season of Creation Overview: The Wisdom series from Luke

1.     The three year season of creation cycle

2.     Year of Luke perspectives: the Wisdom tradition

3.     Preview/intro on science, art, music


Ocean/Lakes Sunday

1.     Sing a related hymn and one piece of the Dakota road earthkeeping liturgy

2.     Assign people/volunteers to read the lectionary readings to the whole group

3.     Small group discussion #1 – diving into the lectionary

4.     Share insights, mini-presenter draw from those and highlight anything else

5.     Science and/or other contemporary perspective on the topic

6.     Small group discussion #2 –  Worship possibilities, including art and music

7.     Large group sharing

8.     Youth, education, and outreach possibilities – seed with some ideas, then back to small groups/teams


·         The lectionary

·         Science

·         Music


This way the “congregational planning” piece would be an ongoing process, and then provide some wrap-up planning time toward the end of the retreat. 

Series C: The Wisdom Series

Wisdom is a deep impulse within all parts of creation, designing their mysteries, guiding their purposes, and mentoring their functions. The Wisdom series correlates with the Luke series of the church year.

First Sunday in Creation

Theme: Ocean Sunday

Old Testament

Job 38:1-18


Psalm 104:1-9, 24-26


Ephesians 1:3-10


Luke 5:1-11


Second Sunday in Creation

Theme: Fauna Sunday

Old Testament

Job 39:1-8, 26-30


Psalm 104:14-23


1 Corinthians 1:10-23


Luke 12:22-31


Third Sunday in Creation

Theme: Storm Sunday

Old Testament

Job 28:20-27


Psalm 29


1 Corinthians 1:21-31


Luke 8:22-25


Fourth Sunday in Creation

Theme: Cosmos Sunday

Old Testament

Proverbs 8:22-31


Psalm 148


Colossians 1:15-20


John 6:41-51



This retreat is a model for grassroots leadership in the congregations of our synod and will be led by the whole creation care team, including:

+Joel Abenth (Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry)

+Anders Meier (Camp Onamia)

+Pr. Mark Peters (Lutheran Coalition for Public Policy in MN)

+Pr. Krehl Stringer (Faith United, Iron)

+Rosie Loeffler-Kemp (Good Shepherd, Duluth)

+Pr. Kristin Foster (Messiah, Mt. Iron)

+Tom Uecker (Gloria Dei, Duluth)

+Pr. David Carlson (Gloria Dei, Duluth)

+Pr. Vicki Taylor (Northeastern MN Synod)


… we hope to include you!