Training Retreat

Below is the story from ELCA Lutherans in Minnesota on planning, training and preparation for using the Season of Creation.

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The mission of the Northwest Minnesota Synod Creation CareTeam is “to nurture a growing network that inspires our congregations and their members to live out God's call to be stewards of the earth for the sake of the whole creation.”

At the 2012 synod assembly, the Synod Creation Care Team conducted a survey to learn how it might support the creation care work of congregations.  Many congregations asked for more training. In response, the team is offering annual retreats to equip congregational leaders on how to integrate God’s call to care for the Earth into the core elements of congregational life: worship, stewardship, education, and outreach. 

The first training retreat was held at Camp Hiawatha on February 22-23, 2013.  The focus was on worship and the Season of Creation liturgical resource because, in the words of the team, “worship is at the heart of everything we do and are as the church." 

During the retreat, thirty-four participants from 12 congregations, two camps, and one campus ministry experienced the Season of Creation in worship, learned how other congregations are practicing creation care, shared success stories, and went home equipped with many resources. 

“It was a rich experience that provided a lot of encouragement,” according to one participant.

Pastor Karen Foster, team co-chair, said, “This retreat is clearly the beginning of nurturing a growing network through which our congregations, camps, and campus ministries can encourage, inspire, and support each other in this vital focus!”