Bible Readings

Rembrandt, Christ as Gardener appearing to Magdalene
Our Bible is full of wonderful passages on God's love for creation and our role as stewards.  You may think of Genesis 1 & 2 or Psalm 104.  Jesus describes delight in the lilies of the field in his Sermon on the Mount, and the Bible's story concludes with a vision of a fruitful tree beside a pure river in Revelation 22.

The Minnesota Episcopal Environmental Stewardship Commission (MEESC) is gathering earth-centered resources around the Revised Common Lectionary including sermons and commentaries.  Click for the index.

For more Bible reading resources, you can find a three-year cycle of readings for the Season of Creation.

You may also like to get a copy of the Green Bible.  Whereas "red letter" Bibles highlight the words of Jesus, this "green letter" version picks out special passages and more than a thousand verses that talk about creation.  You can find more on that with other books on our Bible and Ecology Resources page.

Here is a list of 52 Bible verses on our relationship with the earth and our Creator.  You might consider using them for ongoing devotion, or reprinting one in your bulletin each week.

The Earth Bible work from Norman Habel and others in Australia is a much more extensive project reading the Bible from the perspective of justice for the Earth.  You can learn more here

Here is a document from Pastor Nick Utphall in Monona, WI of a fourteen-week version of a Season of Creation that his congregation used throughout summer 2013.  It pairs each "day" of the Genesis creation with an Old Testament and a New Testament reading.

Follow this link to read an essay by Dave Rhoads.  It is a great set of reflections seeking to identify some major ways to read the Bible so as to address our current ecological crisis.