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ELCA Hymnals

A selection of hymns with themes of caring for creation

in hymnals of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Evangelical Lutheran Worship

  245 Creator of the Stars of Night                           

  266 All Earth is Hopeful                                       

  267 Joy to the World                                           

  307 Light Shone in Darkness                              

  329 As the Sun with Longer Journey                    

  412 Come, Join the Dance of Trinity                     

  447 O Blessed Spring                                        

  555 Oh, Sing to God Above!                                

  556 Morning Has Broken                                    

  679 For the Fruit of All Creation                            

  680 We Plow the Fields and Scatter                    

  684 Creating God, Your Fingers Trace                   

  690 We Raise Our Hands to You, O Lord              

  693 Come, Ye Thankful People, Come
  726 Light Dawns on a Weary World

  731 Earth and All Stars!

  733 Great Is Thy Faithfulness

  735 Mothering God, You Gave Me Birth

  739 Touch the Earth Lightly

  771 God, who Stretched the Spangled Heavens      838 Beautiful Savior

  824 This is My Father's World                                 876 Let the Whole Creation Cry

  835 All Creatures, Worship God Most High!           879 For the Beauty of the Earth

  837 Many and Great, O God                                   881 Let All Things Now Living

Lutheran Book of Worship

18 All You Works of God                                     532 How Great Thou Art
362 We Plow the Fields and Scatter                     540 Praise the Lord! O Heavens
409 Praise and Thanksgiving                                541 Praise the Lord of Heaven
412 Sing to the Lord of Harvest                            551 Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
463 God, who Stretched the Spangled Heavens   554 This is My Father's World
515 How Marvelous God's Greatness                   558 Earth and All Stars
527 All Creatures of our God and King

Libro de Liturgia y Cantico

392 Una Espiga                                                    497 Fuera con nuestro 
397 Nuestro Padre nos invita                               
498 Doi nos hizo mayordomos
492 Aramos nuestros campos                              
499 Oh Dios de lo creado
494 De Colores                                                    
500 Dios de las aves
495 Por la fecunda tierra                                      
501 Caminemos por la senda
496 Al caer la lluvia                                             
502 Al Dios creador damas gracias

This Far By Faith

47 All Earth is Hopeful                                         252 His Eye is On the Sparrow 
222 God the Sculptor of the Mountains               
276 Praise God, From Whom All
226 You Are the Seed                                                         Blessings Flow
230 I, the Lord of Sea and Sky                            
283 Great is Thy Faithfulness


Worship and Praise Songbook

48 God Out With Joy                                            121 Seed, Scattered and Sown 
51 God has Done Marvelous Things                   
126 Sing Out, Earth and Skies 
98 Morning Has Broken                                      
127 Song Over the Waters 
107 Oh, Come, Let Us Sing                                 
141 This Is the Day
110 On Eagle's Wings                                           
149 We Bow Down