Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of Loving-Kindness


May every creature abound in well-being and peace.

May every living being, weak or strong, the long and the small,

The short and the medium-sized, the mean and the great

May every living being, seen or unseen, those dwelling far off,

Those near by, those already born, those waiting to be born

May all attain inward peace

Let no one deceive another

Let no one despise another in any situation

Let no one, from antipathy or hatred, wish evil to anyone at all.

Just as a mother, with her own life, protects her only child from hurt

So within yourself foster a limitless concern for every living creature.

Display a heart of boundless love for all the world

In all its height and depth and broad extent

Love unrestrained, without hate or enmity.

Then as you stand or walk, sit or lie, until overcome by drowsiness

Devote your mind entirely to this, it is known as living here life divine.



Blessing Prayer for Seeds


God, Source of all life,

who did hide your seeds in all that lives,

be present here

as we greet these tiny seeds

with their gifts of life.

Seeds of Life, so small,

and yet, in the mystery of death and burial,

you will produce life tenfold and more.

We sprinkle you with water,

sacred sign of life,

asking that you may be

embraced by our mother the earth,

fed by rain

and kissed gently by the sun.

In caring for you

we shall experience

the most ancient profession of the human family,

the primal vocation

of being workers in the garden.

Soon you will be our pride and joy.

Soon you will be our food

as we give up your life

that we may live.


pregnant with life,

teach us the Easter Secret of Life,

as we ask God to bless you.




Blessing of Fields and Crops


Loving Creator God,

We acknowledge you as the only source of growth and abundance.

You provide us with food for body and spirit.

With your help we plant our crops and by your power they produce our harvest.

In your kindness and love, make our work fruitful.

Bless our fields and the crops we plant; let them yield a rich harvest.

Grant favorable weather to make these fields productive.

Guide the work of our hands, for in you we live and move and have our being.

Help us bring you glory by using well and sharing the good things we receive from you.

We ask this through Jesus, the Christ. Amen


Source unknown