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The Season of Creation: This is the original source of the North American Season of Creation that we host on this website and of many programs around the world that establish Creation-Time in the church year. There are a host of resources here for liturgies, Bible studies, Earthcare suggestions, educational programs, and art work--all to support the celebration of the Seasons of Creation.
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Bible and Ecology: This is site has all kinds of resources for engaging the biblical resources for engaging care for creation--for laity, education committees, youth, pastors, and scholars. There are extensive links to other site and up-to-date bibliographies.
Lutherans Restoring Creation: This is the major site for a grass roots movement fostering care for creation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The site is designed to provide resources for congregations, clergy, synods, colleges, seminaries, outdoor ministries, and Social Ministry organizations. The site also reports stories of successful efforts in all these areas.

Web of Creation: This is the parent of our site. It is the site of the Green Congregation Program. Here you will find training manuals to green your congregation. There are many resources for five areas: Worship, Education, Building and Grounds, Lifestyle of Members at Home and Work, and Public Witness/Policy Advocacy. In addition, there are many specific suggestions for action and a host of annotated links to other faith-based communities working to restore the environment.

Racine Green Congregations: This site reports on an interfaith organization of congregations devoted to bringing care for creation in to churches of Racine and the community of Racine. It provides an example for doing this kind of cooperative effort in local communities.
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with Worship Resources for Creation Care
Creation Justice Ministries, formerly the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program, has a resource page with many topics, including for Earth Sunday worship resources, with an archive of past years.

Earth Ministry works to engage the Christian community in environmental stewardship through education, lifestyle choices, and organizing for social change through environmental advocacy.  Here is a link to their page of worship aids.

Eco-Congregation of Scotland provides resources and links to other European congregations using Creation Time.

Eco-Justicia is a Spanish-language webpage with resources and a blog that is updated regularly. The host is Neddy Astudillo, an ordained Presbyterian clergy person and long time advocate of ecological justice in the church.  ¿QUE ES LA ECO-JUSTICIA?  La Eco-Justicia es la búsqueda del bienestar de la naturaleza a la par de la del ser humano. La eco-justicia reconoce que en la realidad los seres humanos existimos en/con la naturaleza; no existe real separación por más que querramos separarnos de ella con nuestra indiferencia o nuestra falta de cuidado. Blog on eco-justice preaching by the Rev. Leah Schade, pastor in PA and doctoral student at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia working on Eco-feminist preaching.

GreenFaith is an interfaith coalition for holisiticly addressing environmental concerns.  Visit their resource page on Spirit: Worship, Education, Spirituality.

Green Churches Network helps christian communities in Canada care for God's Creation, from the energy efficiency of religious buildings through environmental campaigns, and also features resources for the prayers in the liturgy and annual Season of Creation.

Interfaith Power & Light:  Visit the Clergy Corner for articles, denominational statements, prayers, and sermons.  The page for the Faith Climate Action Week (formerly known as the National Preach-In on Global Warming) contains resources for Christians and others faiths for preaching on climate change.  For 2016, the schedule has moved from Valentine's weekend to Earth Week, April 15-24.

The Minnesota Episcopal Environmental Stewardship Commission (MEESC) has gathered sermons, commentaries, special worship services, resolutions on creation seasons, and more.

Not Ordinary Times is providing and challenge and resource for six-month season of worship that is relevant to this time of ecological crisis.  The name contrasts a response to environmental disruption with the typical "ordinary time" of the church year's Sundays after Pentecost.

Find Denominational Resources

Below is a part of an annotated list by Henry Martinez of main sites and resources for different denominations.  See also Eco-Justice Ministries at

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

( Green Chalice is the home for eco-justice/environmental ministries of the Disciples of Christ. Material is provided around the ministries and documents of the church, with links geared toward individuals and congregations.  Resources for planning events and a book list for use in congregations.  Also listed are guidelines for the Green Church Program.

Christian Reformed Church

( An almost hymn-like "contemporary testimony," this statement affirms that "Our World Belongs to God."

Church of the Brethren

( This document shares some overview reflections on creation care. For many other resources--from stewardship to study resources on climate change--type "creation care" in the search bar.

Episcopal Church USA & The Anglican Communion

( The Episcopal Ecological Network is part of the Peace and Justice Ministries of the Episcopal Church.  The site offers tools in the areas of Reflection, Education, and Action for congregations and individuals interested in an “ecological spiritual journey.”

( Links and downloadable resources for St. Francis Day.

( The Anglican Communion Environmental Network seeks to provide resources for individuals and congregations and promote responsible earth care.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

(  Resources and educational materials to help you and your congregation grow in your own faith journey to appreciate fully and cherish creation and find different ways to engage in earth-keeping activities. 

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

( Statements and Articles on the Environment

Mennonite Central Committee

(  The creation care network is an organization of the Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada.  The network features stories, resources, and tools for households, congregations, schools, agencies.  The names of Mennonite congregations actively involved in care of creation are listed along with links to resources, networks, stories and websites.

( Mennonite church center located in Pennsylvania which commits to sustainability and care for creation.

Presbyterian Church, USA

( The Presbyterians for Earth Care (formerly Presbyterians for Restoring Creation) is a network that offers information and stories for eco-justice advocacy.  The organization puts out a newsletter, offers regional events and hosts conferences regarding issues of eco-justice education and training.

( The Environmental Ministries office provides a newsletter, information on environmental issues, and contacts for Stewardship of Creation Enablers who can be a presbytery-provided resource for congregational action.  Within that section is also a page specifically designated for "Worship and Eco-Justice" and includes links, events, and sample orders of worship.  (

Reformed Church in America

( Type "environment" in the search bar to find a variety of materials, from General Synod statements on the environment to stewardship materials to worship resources for Rural Life Sundays and a day of prayer for crops.

The Roman Catholic Church

( This is the site for a coalition of Catholic organizations.  There is a short video, “Who’s Under Your Carbon Footprint?” along with stories from other congregations and tips for reducing carbon footprints.  The St. Francis Pledge is directed toward individuals, families, congregations and institutions to foster a care for creation and the poor.  The pledge calls for a commitment to Pray, Learn, Assess, Act, and Advocate.

( This is the site for the Environmental Justice Program of The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The site offers information on why the commitment to environmental justice is important, and offers resources to learn more about what Catholics are doing.

( The site for the Catholic Rural Life Conference has resources on Water and Global Climate Change. Each of these issues has more information and links regarding: “The Situation,” “Catholic Thought,” “Taking Action,” and “Resources and Links.”

United Church of Christ

( The worship and renewal resources include hymns, sermons, prayer and confession. Also, task force statements are available in PDF form.

The United Methodist Church

( General statements with advocacy links.  Under the "explore topics" tab expands to church resolutions, faith in action, scientific information, practical steps, and more.


( Site for the Evangelical Environmental Network and Creation Care Magazine.  The site is directed toward individuals, families, and churches to provide educational resources and information on national policies.  Includes links for educational resources, resources for churches and material for use in worship.

Unitarian Universalists

( This site explains the Green Sanctuary Program, which provides information for congregations to initiate projects and promote sustainable living.  The process by which a congregation can be a green sanctuary is explained along with a link to the downloadable manual (PDF, 121 pages).

( This site lists the environmental work being engaged by the UU, including Commit2respond, ethical eating, and divestment programs, plus worship and educational resources.

( Stories, reflections and resources