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Worshiping God with creation

Care for creation worship throughout the year
Season of Creation resources

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Weekly Creation-Justice Commentary
on the Revised Common Lectionary

The Second Sunday in Lent in Year B (by Robert Saler, 2015)
The Third Sunday in Lent in Year B (by Robert Saler, 2015)
The Fourth Sunday in Lent in Year B (by Robert Saler, 2015)
The Fifth Sunday in Lent in Year B (by Robert Saler, 2015)
Palm/ Passion Sunday in Year B (by Robert Saler, 2015)

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Seasonal Planning
Visit our seasonal planning page for thoughts and tips through the season of Lent and beyond.

New Lent Book

Gayle Boss's new book is called Wild Hope: Stories for Lent from the Vanishing. It's amazing and will take you on a real journey of transformative spirituality through the suffering eyes of the natural world. The author would be happy to zoom for an hour with any churches or organizations who purchase 10 or more copies. This book comes with a downloadable study guide as well.

Worship that Reorients us as Creation-Centered
Bridget Jones shares an essay on "Liturgy to Reconcile People and the Planet" and looks at our worship practices, reminding us that greening the congregation absolutely doesn't stop at the doors of the sanctuary, but can fill our whole worship practice.

A Song of Inspiration
If you're looking for some of the feeling of this website and what we mean by praising the triune God with creation, the song "Holy Now" by Minnesota singer-songwriter Peter Mayer may give you a feeling for it.
Click here for a beautiful video version.

Book Recommendations
With a Foreword by our own Dave Rhoads, T
he Nature of Things is a volume with a collection of essays on rediscovering spirituality in creation.  Visit our Books page for more description and a link to purchase.

Norman Habel shared his 3rd volume of "Habel Hymns" especially written for celebrating as "Songs for the Eco-Reformation and Ongoing Earth-Care."

Would you like background on "why" this emphasis in worship?
  • Visit our page on "Background (Why?)" with reflections in great essays and more.
  • Read A Theology of Liturgy in a New Key: Worshiping with Creation by Norman Habel, David Rhoads, and Paul Santmire, from The Season of Creation: A Preaching Commentary (Fortress Press, 2011)
  • Visit our preaching page for a video from Luther Seminary (St. Paul, Minnesota) chapel service, where David Rhoads gets to the heart of our identity as earth-people and our sacramental theology.

Four Stages to Comprehensive Care for Creation in All Worship

Follow these comprehensive suggestions to make every worship service a opportunity to worship with creation and on behalf of creation.

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