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Weekly Creation-Justice Commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary lessons, Year B

Christ the King Sunday in Year B (Archive)

No Entry for the Twenty-sixth Sunday after Pentecost.

The Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost in Year B (By Jeremiah Sassaman)

The Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost in Year B (by Jeremiah Sassaman)

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GET READY! 2018 Season of Creation
Now is the time to be thinking ahead to another program year. The standard dates for Season of Creation cycle B (Planet Earth, Humanity, Sky, and Mountain) begin on September 9. Watch for new sermon examples and more resources to prepare your congregation to celebrate this special addition to the regular lectionary cycle.

You can also download a toolkit "in a box" to pair with Canadian Green Churches Network season of creation at this website.

SOON! Food Waste Weekend
Food Waste Weekend is September 21-23 2018  (or on any other weekend if desired) as a special focus for sermons about the problem of the waste of food from your faith perspective.The website FoodWasteWeekend.org gives lots of resources and sermon examples, as well as a number of “calls to action” to help them act on your words. Invite your congregation to help end the waste of food while nourishing the hungry and improving the environment.

NEW Earthkeepers Preaching
The Minnesota Episcopal Earthkeepers Circle has been helping to work on a website similar to TextWeek.com but focused on creation-related resources for preaching! Visit earthkeeperspreaching.net/.  Similar to this website, they would also be happy to receive and share your sermons.

Seasonal Planning
In the northern hemisphere, we are amid summer, some of the times of our greatest delight in creation. You may especially be thinking of planning an outdoor worship service to join in celebration with creation. Or maybe you'll be doing some faithful tree planting or blessing animals. For even more seasonal planning ideas and tips, visit our summer page.

A Song of Inspiration
If you're looking for some of the feeling of this website and what we mean by praising the triune God with creation, the song "Holy Now" by Minnesota singer-songwriter Peter Mayer may give you a feeling for it.
Click here for a beautiful video version.

Book Recommendations
With a Foreword by our own Dave Rhoads, T
he Nature of Things is a new volume with a collection of essays on rediscovering spirituality in creation.  Visit our Books page for more description and a link to purchase.

Norman Habel shared his 3rd volume of "Habel Hymns" especially written for celebrating as "Songs for the Eco-Reformation and Ongoing Earth-Care."

Would you like background on "why" this emphasis in worship?
  • Visit our page on "Background (Why?)" with reflections in great essays and more.
  • Read A Theology of Liturgy in a New Key: Worshiping with Creation by Norman Habel, David Rhoads, and Paul Santmire, from The Season of Creation: A Preaching Commentary (Fortress Press, 2011)
  • Visit our preaching page for a video from Luther Seminary (St. Paul, Minnesota) chapel service, where David Rhoads gets to the heart of our identity as earth-people and our sacramental theology.

Four Stages to Comprehensive Care for Creation in All Worship

Follow these comprehensive suggestions to make every worship service a opportunity to worship with creation and on behalf of creation.

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