Easter Season in Year C

Praying with Creation: the Season of Easter
The Vigil of Easter through Pentecost Sunday
Year C

by Dennis Ormseth


Vigil of Easter

From the Apocrypha, The Song of the Three Young Men, vv. 28-68 (an addition in the Greek version of Daniel between 3:23 and 3:24)
Sovereign of the universe, wellspring of life, fountain of redemption, we praise you. With sun and moon, winds and rain, light and darkness, we glorify you. With rivers and seas, wild beasts and cattle, and all humanity, we magnify you. This night, in the resurrection of your Son, you have revealed the destiny of all creation -- life in your mercy. Glory, glory, glory, to you our God.


The Resurrection of Our Lord: Easter Day

I Cor. 15:19-26b
Praise to you, God of power and might, for the resurrection of your Son, the first fruits of all who will be raised. He is the certainty that all the universe shall be raised up as your new creation. Fill us with your life that we may walk in the way of Christ as joyful servants of the earth.


Second Sunday of Easter

Rev. 1:4-8
Almighty God, you are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of all life, all time, all things. Fill us with your passion for the earth, that we, like Jesus, may be faithful witnesses to your fierce love for this fragile planet and all its creatures.


Third Sunday of Easter

Rev. 5:11-14
All-holy Trinity, through all eternity your praise is chanted by the heavenly hosts. With them, we join every creature in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth, and in the seas, every creature singing -- blessing and honor and glory to you forever and ever.


Fourth Sunday of Easter

Rev. 7:9-17
Jesus, Lamb of God, Shepherd of the faithful, you alone lead us to the water of life. Lead us also in your way of justice and mercy for the waters of the earth, that we may keep them pure for the daily well-being of all your creatures.


Fifth Sunday of Easter

Ps. 148 and Rev. 21:1-6
Holy God, holy mighty, holy immortal, you alone make all things new. All things–sun, moon and shining stars, sea monsters and all deeps, all peoples–all things praise your glory. Fill us with wonder at your great love for creation, and deepen our determination to serve this praise-filled earth.


Sixth Sunday of Easter

Rev. 21:10, 22-22:5
Radiant God, you are the fullness of light for your new creation. Because you are faithful, we await with hope the new Jerusalem, our eternal home, your promised city. As we wait, use us to bless the cities we inhabit, that they may be environments of mercy, justice and peace for all.


The Ascension of Our Lord: The Lordship of Christ
Praise to you, Lord Jesus, ascended Sovereign of the universe. Guide and guard this precious blue planet, home for all your creatures. Deepen our commitment to earth, that set in the midst of rivers and deserts, cities and countryside, creatures seen and unseen, we may live to your glory.


Seventh Sunday of Easter

Rev. 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21
Jesus, bright morning star, you are the future whom we await and for whom we long. You are the promise of grace that all will be well. In this time of global warming, send us to live as bearers of hope and servants of those whose habitat is threatened, whose future is deeply in doubt.


Pentecost Sunday

Ps. 104
Holy Spirit, you are the Lord, the giver of life–all life–lilies and dandelions, predators and prey, and life forms not esteemed, which cleanse the earth and make it habitable. Creation lives by your common grace. Raise us up to walk this earth faithfully with justice and compassion for all living things.