Earth-friendly Worship Practices

Make your worship practices Earth-friendly.

● Use beeswax candles instead of oil-based candles.

● During warm months, Raise flowers to cut and place on the altar
● Place plants on the altar instead of cut flowers; send them home for planting.
● Use local wine that does not require transportation from a distance.
● Provide organic, whole grain communion bread.
● Use recycled paper for printed materials.
● Purchase furniture with certified wood and non-toxic fabric.
● Reduce/reuse/recycle or eliminate bulletins.
● Place basket to recycle printed materials at the exits.
● Practice intinction or provide reusable glasses (not plastic) for communion.
● Wash worship utensils/communion vessels in eco-safe dish-washing detergent.
● Purchase fair trade palms for Palm Sunday.
● Use energy saving lighting in all outlets.

● Consider the origin of material used to make paraments.
● Use a live tree(s) for Christmas, then plant it in the church yard.

● Use LED lights and ornaments from recycled materials on Christmas tree.