Contributions from Congregations and Denominations

Many congregations create new materials and resources for their celebration of the season of creation. It is our hope that this site might be a place where congregations can share their ideas and resources with each other. Please send your contributions to this project by sending resources to Susan Zencka at
Frame Memorial Presbyterian Church in Stevens Point, WI: Liturgies and sermons from past celebrations of the season of creation.

United Church of Canada:  Creation Time in 2010: Liturgies, sermon notes, and creative suggestions for five Sundays.
Seasons of the Spirit:  Link to "Seasons of the Spirit" educational materials featuring study materials (for purchase) for the lectionary lessons in the Season of Creation. Click here for resources related to the Season of Creation overall and for specific Sundays in the Season of Creation.
Text Week: Link to "Text Week" resources for pastors who are preaching and planning worship for Sundays in the Season of Creation. Lots of resources here for celebrating each Sunday in the Season of Creation.
Ecofaith: provides resources for each of the Sundays in the Australian Season of Creation, which very much parallels those of the US version.