Congregations celebrating the Season of Creation

The Season of Creation in Year C begins September 1.

Many congregations will begin the Season the first Sunday in September. Others will begin the second Sunday or later.


Saint Andrew Lutheran Church and Emmaus Lutheran Church in Racine Wisconsin.

These two congregations are doing the Season of Creation in tandem. They are rearranging the order of the Sundays for each congregation in order to make it work. Four pastors participate. Mary Janz and David Rhoads will do Ocean Sunday and Animal Sunday respectively at both churches, such that each pastor will do the same service at the two churches. Michael Mueller and Marcy Wietes will do Storm Sunday and Universe Sunday respectively in each of the two churches. Each congregation will experience all four Sundays in the Season with four different preachers. It is a way of yoking congregations and emphasizing the importance of the Season of Creation.


The two congregations are also making special plans for each Sunday.

Ocean Sunday: There will be a visual display, and each worshiper will receive a sea shell

Animal Sunday: There will be a display in front with small posters of endangered animals on a table with candles. Worshipers will come forward to light a candle and pray for each species. Book markers with pictures of animals on the endangered species list will be distributed.

Storm Sunday: At the opening, there will be a five-minute series of slides with music showing all kinds of storms from tornados to tsunamis.

Universe Sunday: A display of the stars in the night sky will be projected onto the back wall. A large banner of Earth from space will be lifted.


This banner was made by Vacation Bible School students at St. Stephen's Lutheran, Monona, WI.  Incorporating a Tree of Life, the "branches" were filled with colored birds and with leaves gathered from church grounds.  The "trunk" is of muddy handprints of the children!

Share your celebration plans for the Season of Creation: e-mail to Pastor Nick Utphall at