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"Let All Creation Praise" offers resources for congregations to celebrate God's love for creation, to worship God with creation so as to reconcile and restore our human relationship with the rest of nature, and to foster love and care for God's whole creation. We also provide resources to celebrate a "season of creation" or "creation time" in the church year.

This website is a satellite of Web of Creation at www.webofcreation.org. As the founder of the Green Congregation Program, the Web of Creation has been a Christian ecumenical organization active in providing environmental resources for faith communities in the area of worship, education, building and grounds, lifestyle at home and work, and public witness. We have also been the North American site for the Season of Creation. Because of the increased interest in our worship resources, we decided to develop an independent website wholly devoted to providing worship resources for caring for creation. 


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We believe that care for creation should be integral to the life and witness of Christian communities. Our worship should seek to bring us not only into right relationship with God and our fellow humans but also with the rest of creation. For that reason, we seek to provide resources that bring the celebration of and the care for creation into the liturgical practices of congregations.

Invitation to participate

We invite you to join us as friends and participants in this endeavor.

  • Tell us your story about transformative worship that has brought you into relationship with creation
  • Send us resources you have found helpful: liturgies, litanies, confessions, hymns/songs, sermons, blessings, and other elements of worship. We will share them with others.
  • Lend your name or the name of your congregation as ones who support and practice creation-care worship.
Send your contributions and commitment to be a friend of the site to: katyaharder@gmail.com

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