Let All Creation Praise

Worshiping God with creation

Care for creation worship throughout the year
Season of Creation resources
Celebrating the Trinitarian God as creator

Download freely and adapt for your worshiping context. 
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lessons, liturgies, exegesis, sermons, theology, decorations, actions, links.
All you need for the four Sundays in the Season of Creation in Year A:
Forest Sunday     Land Sunday     Wilderness Sunday     River Sunday
Click here: sermons/ handouts of actions + resources for each Sunday.

Need an introduction to the Season of Creation?  Click on the video>>

Celebrate the Season of Creation with this daily devotional:
Stewardship of Creation: A Thirty Day Discipline. Download and copy this daily devotional booklet. Each day has a scripture verse, theological reflection, fact about the environment, action we can take to address it, and a prayer. Make this available to each member of your congregation as a discipline during the month-long Season of Creation.

Would you like background on "why" this emphasis in worship?
Read A Theology of Liturgy in a New Key: Worshiping with Creation by Norman Habel, David Rhoads, and Paul Santmire,
from The Season of Creation: A Preaching Commentary (Fortress Press, 2011)

NEW PAGE A blessing of bicycles, from Vermont Lutheran Church in WI
NEW EACH WEEK Weekly Care for Creation Commentary on the Lectionary
The Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost in Year A (by Dennis Ormseth). The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard is not about Justice but about Acceptance in an Economy of Grace
The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost in Year A (by Dennis Ormseth). A Parable Proposes an Unlimited Economy of Grace.
The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost in Year A (by Dennis Ormseth). Love Your Neighborhood.

Planning for Worship 2014
Every Service, Any Service: Making every service care for creation, eco-friendly worship practices
June to August: Outdoor worship, bringing nature into your sanctuary
September to November: Blessing of the Animals, (Eco-)Reformation Day, Harvest,Thanksgiving,
    and the typical time for Season of Creation (see link just below)
December to February: Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany seasons
March to May: Lent, Easter, Earth Sunday, Greening of the Cross, Rogation Day, Mother (Earth) Day,   
    Arbor Day

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Four Stages to Comprehensive Care for Creation in All Worship. Follow these comprehensive suggestions to make every worship service a opportunity to worship with creation and on behalf of creation.