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Celebrating the Trinitarian God as creator

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NEW EACH WEEK Weekly Eco-Justice Commentary on the lectionary lessons
Christ the King Sunday in Year B (From 2012 by Dennis Ormseth)
Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost in Year B (From 2012 by Dennis Ormseth)

The First Sunday in Advent in Year C (2015 by Dennis Ormseth) with a prayer petition and hymn suggestions
The Second Sunday in Advent in Year C (2015 by Dennis Ormseth) with a prayer petition and hymn suggestions 
The Third Sunday in Advent in Year C (2015 by Dennis Ormseth) with a prayer petition and hymn suggestions
The Fourth Sunday in Advent in C (2015 by Dennis Ormseth) with a prayer petition and hymn suggestions

                                                    Common Lectionary Commentary Archive             

Seasonal Resources

Deep into the North American season of Autumn, you may be preparing for Thanksgiving and times of harvest and can find those among our Worship Resources for the season.  It could also be time to be planning for Advent, a time of decreased sunlight, barren landscapes, and evergreens.  Ideas and resources are available on our seasonal planning pages!

Faithful Planning for Paris
The World Council of Churches theme Joining the Pilgrimage ofJustice and Peace is among resources designed to help reflect and equip congregations to respond appropriately to the COP21 gathering, taking place in Paris in early December 2015.  Leaders and representatives of more than one hundred and ninety countries will be meeting together to try to agree measures necessary to avoid damaging changes to the planet and its inhabitants, including a possibly catastrophic 2°C rise in the global temperatures.

Besides the seasonal resources, among other updates to the website, you might like to see some new devotional Books on Celtic spirituality and a sample Taize service in the Liturgies.  If you have other resources or suggestions, please feel free to share!

Would you like background on "why" this emphasis in worship?
  • Visit our page on "WHY?" with reflections in great essays.
  • Read A Theology of Liturgy in a New Key: Worshiping with Creation by Norman Habel, David Rhoads, and Paul Santmire, from The Season of Creation: A Preaching Commentary (Fortress Press, 2011)
  • Visit our preaching page for a video from Luther Seminary (St. Paul, Minnesota) chapel service, where David Rhoads gets to the heart of our identity as earth-people and our sacramental theology.

Celebrate any season of the year with this 30-Day devotional booklet:
Stewardship of Creation: A Thirty Day Discipline. Download and copy this daily devotional booklet. Each day has a scripture verse, theological reflection, fact about the environment, action we can take to address it, and a prayer. Make this available to each member of your congregation as a discipline during any season of the year.

Four Stages to Comprehensive Care for Creation in All Worship. Follow these comprehensive suggestions to make every worship service a opportunity to worship with creation and on behalf of creation.